Is your joint and muscle pain being caused by poor nutrition? Is your gut in a rut? What’s the scoop on your poop? Is your GI still bothering you? Are you tired of taking  OTC medications for your GI upset?  Is your extra weight causing health problems like stiff joints and high blood pressure? Cape Fear Chiropractic knows that proper nutrition and a functional GI workup can help your body heal itself better while relieving stress and strain that can cause serious health issues. We are here to help you eat better and feel better!  Call for your workup today at 910-313-1003.

Most people understand the goal of nutrition and diet play a large part in a person’s overall health and well-being but find it difficult without a plan and a coach. Good nutritional habits can help you feel better, heal faster, and prevent heart and other diseases, as you get older. While most people think of nutrition as just what you eat, it also involves lifestyle changes that are just as important as your food choices. Increasing activity and engaging in an exercise plan can help boost the positive effects of a healthier diet.  This is where a health coach is the most helpful.  Remember, most people reach their goals with a plan and a coach.  Call for your workup today at 910-313-1003.

At Cape Fear Chiropractic, we can help create a plan to improve a person’s health inside and out. We will work with you to develop a nutrition and exercise plan based on your needs and any health conditions you may be facing. Whether you need to lose weight, want to improve your hormonal balance or identify food allergies and a diet that works for you, a nutrition and exercise program can help you reach your goals and help you feel better.

Cape Fear Chiropractic can provide you with a diet and exercise plan to help you achieve your goals whether it is losing weight or helping your body work more efficiently. Good nutrition and exercise is the key to building a stronger, healthier you. For more information about how Cape Fear Chiropractic can help design you a nutrition plan to improve your well-being, we invite you to call us at 910-313-1003 or email us at


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