Functional Medicine

If you have a chronic medial issue or concern, functional medicine can help address not only the condition but its potential underlying cause to help you feel better. Cape Fear Chiropractic treats your current concern and assesses your system as a whole to help lessen or prevent the future possibilities of any injury, disease or chronic illness.

Functional medicine focuses on treating the body as whole instead of just an individual complaint or concern. Instead of being disease focused, functional medicine seeks out the causes of pain and disease instead of just treating the symptoms. It looks at the bigger picture such as genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can affect long-term health and lead to chronic disease. By taking these factors into consideration, functional medicine can help improve a person’s overall health both today and in the future.

With the number of diagnosed chronic diseases steadily increasing, the need for functional medicine is growing as well. With most medical treatment focused on treating immediate problems, many times the underlying cause of the issue does not receive the attention it needs.  This means treating the injury or issue at hand, assessing the patient, and developing a long-term plan varying by patient in order to prevent a recurrence of the same issue or development of other issues in the future.

Functional medicine is patient-centered care that looks at their current health conditions, health history as well as their families and the potential for future chronic health issues.  It takes into account a patient’s lifestyle as well as their overall emotional and mental well-being. By looking at the greater picture, it is possible to create a life plan that helps even those at risk of chronic illness live a longer, healthier life.  Functional Medicine is the perfect balance between conventional and natural medicine without the use of drugs or surgery unless needed.  I believe it is the healthcare model of the future.

At Cape Fear Chiropractic, we work to treat the person not just their current medical issue. I believe you cannot manage what you cannot measure, therefore testing (such as blood work, urine and stool analysis and saliva hormone testing) is vitally important. Treatment options include chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment, nutritional education and supplement use as well as lifestyle changes. If you are interested in receiving a full assessment, we invite you to call us at 910-313-1003 or email us at


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